NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Great Bargains, Friendly Neighbors, and Plenty of Laughs During The Seward Garage Sale Days


I just found out that I was not picked for the random drawing for two tickets to the Antiques Road Show’s visit to the Twin Cities this July. I am a bit disappointed so I decided to console myself by creating my own road show expose` highlighting interesting items at the Seward Neighborhood Garage Sale. And while I did not discover any treasures, I found many objects that provoked a few chuckles and warranted further explanation…

Official Chauffer pin

A very official looking badge proclaiming someone a “Minnesota Licensed Chauffeur” – at least from 1954-1955. 


Why the pinball machine has to go… Is he making the right decision?




You may not have ever played hockey or football in high school, but you can still impress your friends with your shrine of  trophies on the living room mantle (perhaps thanks to one Seward mom who’s turning her college bound son’s room into her new work studio) … just make sure to put them away when old friends from school drop by so you won’t lose your cover or face.



A hat for every occasion

You are sure to find a hat for every occasion… and hopefully not out of cold necessity.




You may not even need it -sometimes it just calls out to you:  “Buy me, buy me!” If it’s a bargain what’s the risk? It may become a family heirloom or at least you have a head start on gathering items for next year’s big sale.



Why I am getting rid of this bee house.



Clothes from Nepal

There are themed garage sales such as this ones featuring clothes from Nepal.



Second Hand Hounds

And you will find garage sales with a charitable mission such as this one benefitting the dog rescue organization “Secondhand Hounds”.




You don’t need to head out the nursery this spring. It’s always a good sign when the plants for sale are ones that are flourishing in your neighbor’s own yard.



Some people are hesitant to explain why they are selling certain items….it’s not like it’s re-gifting, right?



Treasures for everyone

With around one hundred sales to visit, there is something for everyone, from the practical to the playful.



framed garlic

Some items can even serve two functions. Here we have “edible art”. The framed garlic bulbs make a nice decoration for the kitchen wall. Just keep a hammer close at hand in case of a cooking emergency.



spaghetti ice cream maker

And then there are those contraptions that just make you shake your head in disbelief. Ok, a spaghetti ice cream maker – what is that? The box indicates that it comes with inserts to make spaghetti, lasagna and asparagus ice cream. Has anyone ever not bought this other than as a gag gift?  What was I thinking leaving this gem behind?



You may find a gift for yourself or one for somebody else.



kitchen sink

At the Seward Garage sale there is everything including the kitchen sink! Several of them in fact!



big garage sale

….and this is just the first day of the garage sale!  You don’t have to worry that it will all be picked over. There will be many sites making their debut Saturday -and trust me, I’ll bet that some of these tempting items will still be there waiting for you.



German scale

Except for this German kitchen scale that I just had to buy. Now I will be ready for that special recipe that calls for ingredients to be weighed in kilos! Happy hunting!


Seward Garage Sale Days: May 13 and 14, 2011

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