Graph of the day: Obamacare increases preventive care in MN


So, we’ve established that Obamacare has been good for nearly 60,000 Minnesotan Medicare beneficiaries (to the tune of nearly $35 million). What about the rest of us?

Take a look:

(Data from HHS)

This shows the number of Minnesotans estimated to be receiving expanded preventive care coverage under Obamacare. The total comes in at just over 1 million people, including over 280,000 children.

It shouldn’t even need to be said, but these are savings that keep on saving. More preventive care means a quicker response to developing conditions, and that means that long-term savings on the costs of complications down the road. Not to mention, you know, healthier kids and adults.

What kinds of treatments are we talking about? Pediatrician visits, vision/hearing screening, immunizations, anti-obesity support, and more are on the list for kids. For women, covered preventive care options include pap smears, mammograms, colonoscopies, and other cancer screenings, not to mention vaccinations for HPV, meningitis, and pneumonia. Men benefit from similar options (with a couple substitutes based on what kind of cancer we’re screening for).

Thanks to Obamacare, one out of every five Minnesotans has more access to this efficient care. Add up all the other states, and we’ve got 54 million people with better chances for healthier lives. That’s roughly one out of every six people in the country.

I should also note here that all these numbers are for people under 64. As we’ve already seen, Obamacare has done other good things for those 65 and over. Obamacare is just plain good for people, and more people need to know this.

Despite the fears conservatives monger about “death panels” or the creep of socialism into medicine, people deserve the truth. Our duty as progressives is to spread it.