Google is not your friend; or, another winning strategy from MNGOP chair Tony Sutton


News comes my way of the departure of Republican Party of Minnesota Chair Tony Sutton from his role as CEO of faux-Mexican eatery Baja Sol.

Now down to a mere ten open restaurants in Minnesota from a  high of twenty in three states (thirteen were still operating in September), the restaurant had suffered from a bad economy, protests related to Sutton’s anti-immigration views, and a business plan in Illinois and Ohio that included planting stores in locations where no eatery had taken hold before.

Also, going into a saturated market without a clear brand distinction.

That sort of business acumen must be the guiding light in Sutton’s new joint venture with Public Affairs Companies. In Republican Chairman Tony Sutton joins Public Affairs Co., we read in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal:

Public Affairs Co. announced Monday it is launching a joint venture with longtime Republican strategist Tony Sutton and his new Winning Strategies consulting firm.

The new joint venture, Winning Strategies, tests the limits of the oh-so-civil notion that Google Is Your Friend (GIYF). Google “Winning Strategies” and it’s rather hard to find Mr. Sutton. This may be a first, but then, perhaps things look smaller on the Internet.

Oh, the cheerful researcher does find some public affairs firms at the top of the page with that search string. Top of the pile? Winning Strategies, an established advertsing and public relations firm with offices in Newark, Trenton, Washington, D.C., and London. Moving down the list of first-page hits, there’s Winning Strategies, subtitled Politics, Policy, and Public Affairs. This Winning Strategies is a strategic partner of Burson Marsteller, a rather large firm that “is a subsidiary of Young & Rubicam, which is owned by London-based WPP Group, according to the home school kids editing Wikipedia. That Winning Strategies claims to have helped Barack Obama get elected President. Mr. Sutton must hope for some of that luck to wear off.

For now, his firm’s website can be found by googling “Winning Strategies” and “Tony Sutton,” and Bluestem hopes he can pull his Google rank up by luck, pluck and his bootstraps. Meanwhile, the missus holds down the fort at the incredible shrinking taco baronacy.