FREE SPEECH ZONE | Golden Bush Award to Governor Tim Pawlenty – A Gala Affair!


Minnesotans for Personal Responsibility—PawLenty for Us!—present Governor Tim Pawlenty with a Golden Bush Award

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On Tuesday, May 5, 2009, Minnesotans for Personal Responsibility(MPR) presented Governor Tim Pawlenty with a Golden Bush Award in honor of his continuation of George W. Bush’s policies of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, not social services to families, children, the elderly or disabled.

It was a gala affair! MC Georgette Murdoch presided, with speeches by Mrs. I.M. Rich, Education Chair of MPR, dripping in diamonds, of course, Falinda River, Transportation Chair of MPR, who complemented her Christmas red hair with a red feather boa and dress and a red, white and blue hat), and M. Antoinette Sans Tete, Head (so to speak) of the MPR Erase Entitlement Committee (in a che’ che’ lace-adorned dress, with pompadour. MC Georgette wore her straw sheriff’s hat with the red star and cowboy shirt in honor of George W.

The presentation ceremony took place on the Capitol steps in St. Paul.
The Golden Bush was then taken to Governor Pawlenty’s Capitol office and formally presented by Mrs. I.M. Rich, where it will reside for posterity.

Below are excerpts from some of the award speeches.

Mrs. I.M. Rich, Education Chair of MPR. I am here to thank our illustrious Governor for all he has done to emphasize the importance of personal responsibility. . . . For years the state has assumed responsibility for education, but in today’s economy it is essential for others to step up to the plate. . . . Educational needs are a luxury. . . . And there are other sources of funds: bake sales, car washes—as American as apple pie.

But this is all chickie feed. Corporate globalization is the mantra of today and demands a reevaluation of education. . . . Workers don’t need higher education. The state can actually save money by cutting the budget of state schools such as the University of Minnesota and other higher learning institutions. . . . In closing, education must be looked at as a tool, a tool to be shaped by corporate needs.

Dim Murphy, CEO, A Lie & Tech. The Iraq and Afghanistan Wars—while they have caused millions of deaths—have been a boon for weapons-producing corporations. I’m proud to say we are a major producer of cluster bombs and depleted uranium munitions. We benefit from the over $3 billion a week the U.S. spends on these wars, and we need to continue them to make even more money! And we are extremely grateful to him for the magnificent reductions in corporate and business taxes that he has promoted.

Fran E. May, President, Foreclosures, Inc. Hey, is this one heckuva time to be in the foreclosure business! We used to be in the mortgage industry, but you gotta go where the money is – and right now it’s foreclosures!!! Yes, many people have lost their jobs, but it is not government’s role to assist families! It is the government’s role to help businesses – Wall Street, banks, mortgage companies, corporations – not families!

What’s wrong with living in your car for awhile? Living in a tent? Roughing it a little?? Our Minnesota ancestors were hardy. . . . The new Minnesota – Pawlenty’s Minnesota – is a leaner, meaner state. . . .Minnesotans for Personal Responsibility applaud Governor Pawlenty for promoting a Minnesota where it’s everyone for themselves!!

Mrs. Iva Lot O’Moony, Member, MPR. I am here to discuss the disgrace of health care in this state. Until we stop access to healthcare though those tax-payer supported socialist organizations like country hospitals and Minnesota Care, those deadbeats won’t realize they can’t get something for nothing! And. . . it encourages dependence on addictions, like prescription drugs—and all those visits to clinics for chemotherapy or dialysis.

Remember! For health insurance companies, the higher the pay, the more top-notch the talent! We can’t have those leaders distracted by worrying about their future! Fund those golden parachutes.

Our governor, Tim Pawlenty, has supported profit-based health care on the backs of the deadbeat poor. That is why we recognize him today with the Golden Bush award.

See Fran E. May’s speech on youtube: