Going slow on marriage equality


by Andy Birkey • 11/25/08 • OutFront Minnesota and Marriage Equality Minnesota differ on tactics, if not on goals.

Doug Grow looks at the fight for marriage equality in what he calls “a state long known for being one of the most gay- and lesbian-friendly states in the country.”

Andy Birkey lives in Minneapolis. He is an LGBT community advocate and blogs on politcial, social, and community issues. Read his blog at Eleventh Avenue South

One of the most gay-friendly states in the country would offer some relationship benefits for same-sex couples, right? I think Minnesota is losing its ability to say it’s in the top tier of LGBT-friendly states.

The article interviews staffers at OutFront Minnesota who say “Not yet,” to bold initiatives to advance marriage equality either through the courts or the legislature. Grow also interviews Doug Benson of Marriage Equality Minnesota who says it past time to fight for marriage equality in both the courts and legislature.

Benson has singlehandedly brought legislation to the floor of the Minnesota legislature and is enlisting couples for a lawsuit against the state. OutFront has successfully defeated multiple attempts to amend the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage and, together with Project 515, is working to educate the electorate about marriage equality.

While the groups disagree, at least LGBT Minnesotans can be assured that folks are working every possible angle to move Minnesota forward.