Getting down in the Free Speech Zone


“Apparently, massive welfare is ok for the rich but not for ordinary citizens. Socialism for the rich! Capitalism for the poor!” Roger Cuthbertson is angry about government bailouts, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

“For nine years, the company offered on-line shopping that gave the “grounded” stores like Cub, Rainbow, Lunds & Byerlys a run for their money. However, with the economy tanking, and gas becoming more costly, something had to give.” Patricia Nelson mourns the demise of Simon Delivers

“Jesse Ventura would run for dog-catcher if he thought it’d heighten his profile,” Dwight Hobbes writes. Moreover, “Anyone dumb enough to vote for this posturing egomaniac will be waiting at the airport when their ship comes in.” Click here for more inspired invective.

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