Fun, frivolity and work


It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. The world was supposed to end last Friday and this is the last Friday of the year.

The holiday season is usually a slow time for business but not this year. I put a house on the market last weekend in Bloomington MN and I have spent this past week helping some buyers with the purchase of a home and I have had inspections and I had a closing yesterday.

We had out of town family visiting last weekend so I ended up doing most of my Christmas shopping on Christmas eve.

I did manage to squeeze in some fun last Sunday skating downtown with my daughter and other friends and family who were brave enough to put on a pair of skates and join us. I Have to say that skating is not like riding a bike. I put the skates on and though I would be able to skate just like I could when I was a kid but I could not. In fact it wasn’t all that easy to get around the rink a few times which means I need more practice.

Here is photographic evidence of skating. Falling down was not an option as I pay for my own health insurance and have a high deductible and of course if I get hurt I can’t work which would make it really hard to pay that deductible.

Teresa and Sarah Boardman

Last year I wrote an offer for a home buyer on New Years eve. I’ll be around all weekend and of course on New Years eve just waiting to write your offer which is safer than skating and almost as much fun.