Fun at the fair


I went to the Minnesota State Fair last night, and I am a little slow getting my post out this morning because I kind of over did it. I ate things that a grown up probably should not eat.  I walked a few miles and took a lot of photos. There is nothing like the state fair. I tried to find one photo that sums it all up, but I couldn’t so I have two photos. But we can pretend it is just one. I wanted to use three photos, but I thought that would make pretending harder.


People actually pay money to go up in the air so that they can be hurled around. Their screams can be heard throughout the midway. I don’t do up but it is fun to watch.


The giant stuffed pig is a popular midway prize this year. The barkers are out in full force encouraging people to put their money down play the game and win the pig. Some people do actually win a pig. What would you do to win a pig?

The weather was amazing and just being there was fun. The fair changes a little every year yet it is one of the few things that is just like it was when I was a child. I had to see the animals and the half-ton pumpkins with the ribbons. The all-you-can-drink-for-a-dollar milk booth is still there, as always, and MPR has a booth that says “lake woebegone” on it and I saw people carrying those free yard sticks that the farm bureau gives away. There is a wide variety of food that comes on a stick.  Life is good!