Fringe Festival Reviews: Status Update, Underneath the Lintel, The Beasts, The Day the Nineties Died

  1.    Status Update: by Laurel Schwartz

A very well informed play. This show really took the issue of social media and privacy and put it in the spot light. Cyber bullying is an issue that is rarely talked about, and I’m glad to see that this issue is finally being brought to discussion. I also liked how they made the various social networks into people. It was fun to see how Myspace, facebook, and Twitter interacted with each other. I also like how the play brought up statistics on cyber bullying, it really gave me a perspective on how important this issue is. The acting was well done also, and the plotline showed an good example of how people can be affected by cyber bullying. A perfect show for teens to see.

2.      Underneath the Lintel: Pat O’Brian’s Vanity Theater

A great and versatile piece, I was greatly impressed with how it was performed. It was a wonderful show. The plotline was great and engaging, I just could not keep my eyes off the actor. He just was able to bring the piece to life and bring it to a whole new level. Do not miss this show.

3.      The Beasts: by The Great Ben Egerman Theatre Adventure

A very creative show, and a great plotline. The main actor was very versatile and I could see a definite difference between each character that he played. The show was very suspenseful and engaging. The puppets were wonderful to watch and added a nice touch to the play. I hope to see more work from this actor in the future.

4.      Animal Farmville: A Friend Me, Like Me, Poke Me Musical : by The Others Comedy Company

This was a great satire on the world of technology today. It was really funny to watch. The scenes were great and the acting was wonderful. There was never a dull moment in the show. The music for the show was original and fantastic. It was just a never ending show of great jokes.

5.      The day the Nineties Died: by Callow Youth Productions

The show was fantastic, and it really showed a interesting side of activism. The acting was strong and I was impressed with how well it was written. I also like how they tied in the tragic events of 9/11, that was a creative tie in. I also liked the chemistry the actors had interacting with each other. It a real and enjoyable to watch. This show is a definite must see in the Fringe, it will give your mind a whole different perspective.