Fringe Festival Reviews: Balls Out, Disney Dethroned, Red Hamlet


Well it’s the end of Fringe and I am wrapping up my shows. So I am posting three today and three tomorrow. This year’s Fringe was great, there was a lot of wonderful good shows.  So, kudos to everyone that made this festival a success.

1.      Balls Out: by Six Appeal

If you want a show that will show you into the mind of a teenage boy, this was the show. It was a hilarious show which discussed what it is like to be a teen age boy. The music was great and I really like the fact that it was all acapella. No music what so ever, which really showed the groups singing talent with their wonderful harmonies. Great show and I hope to see this group in the next year.

2.      Disney Dethroned: Snowcahontas and the Tangled FrogBeast: by Ton Reed

If there is ever a show that can take Disney down a peg it is this show. It was a hilarious satire on the various Disney princess films. This one man musical was great.  Tom Reed did a great job on being the various characters in the show. The references of pop culture were great mixed with the Disney references, the show turned out to be a great masterpiece.

3.      Red Hamlet: by Red Theater

This show was the best show I have ever seen in the Fringe. I have never seen a show blend well the various theater and movement styles show perfectly into a wonderful top notch show. This version of Hamlet really showed a different side that I have never thought of before.  I really hope to see this group in next year’s Fringe Festival.