Fringe Encores: Super Spectacular!: To Opera with Love, 7 (x1) Samurai, You Only Live Forever Once and Yarrrh!


The 2011 Fringe has one day left. So much to see! The 8:30 Encore shows have been announced. Here are some suggestions:

Super Spectacular!: To Opera with Love at the Augsburg Mainstage. I didn’t see this one-but Chris and Tommy caught yesterday’s performance. I trust my sources, and they loved it. Great comedy, great singing. At home Tommy gave me a dramatic re-interpretation of the opera Salome, singing Coldplay while portraying the head of John the Baptist.

I did see 7 (x1) Samurai, and I am thrilled that it earned the Encore spot. Writer, director, and performer Daved Gaines has gifted us with his very entertaining interpretation of the Seven Samurai (with a lot of The Magnificent Seven thrown into the mix). It’s unique and funny.

You Only Live Forever Once is the goofiest show I saw this year. I still catch myself singing the cheesy theme song throughout the day. The shadow puppets, cardboard props, and comic book acting combined to made the show a campy delight.

And finally, Yarrrh! The Lusty Busty Pirate Musical is playing twice today-1:00 and the 8:30 encore. I can confidently speak on behalf of writer and lyricist Dan Pinkerton and composer Chris Gennaula (my man) that they are thrilled to have the encore spot.