FREE SPEECH ZONE | Minnesotans arrested at White House


January 26, 2010 – 13 people were arrested at the White House today. Nine of them are from Minnesota including Steve Clemens and the Brauns and Mary Persich. They are in the DC jail. Evidently they will be held for 24 hours in a jail that is all stainless steel including the bunks. The water supply does not work that well if at all in the cells. And according to Kathy Kelly they turn up either the heat and the air conditioning to make them uncomfortable.

For the action we had cardboard tombstones with the names of 77 Minnesotans who died in the wars and we read the name of each plus remembering the Iraquis. 

Then we threw peace-decorated shoes at a End the Occupation sign that Coleen had brought along. We have great video of that.

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Finally the 13 laid down on the sidewalk and we walked around them singing until the police told us we had to leave or be arrested. They took the arrestees away in paddy wagon

Some of us went to John Kline’s office and talked to a staff person and then to Keith Ellison’s office and talked to a couple of sympathetic people. Tomorrow we talk to the Senator’s staff people.

January 27, 2010 – Nine Minnesotans appeared before a Washington DC judge charged with disorderly conduct, failure to comply with an order and unlawful assembly. They were among 13 people who staged a die in on the sidewalk in front of the whitehouse to remember the 77 Minnesotans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

All but three of the 13 have chosen to pay a $150 fine. The other three were not given that option because they have previous arrests in front of the White House. They have a trial on May 10, 2010. Joe Palen will be returning in May for trial.