Four reasons immigration reform is YOUR issue; even if you are not an immigrant…

  1. You benefit from the work, taxes and contributions of immigrants in America. Don’t participate in the passive exploitation of immigrants, join in solidarity with them. The American Revolution with Great Britain began over taxation without representation, today millions of UDP (Undocumanted Persons) contribute taxes yet have no voice in government.
  2. You eat the food and enjoy the culture of immigrants, but do you appreciate them as people and listen to their needs? Move beyond a 3F (food fabric and festivals) relationship with immigrants in your community. If you can’t stand up for immigrants (through some phone calls and emails to your representative), stop eating tacos, pho, curry or chi, and please don’t let your kids watch Dora. (She could be in the USA without proper papers.)
  3. Your faith tradition calls you to defend the cause of the immigrant. Christian, Jewish and Islamic scriptures all begin with the immigration of Abraham, all see God at work in the movement of people and give the native-born specific orders to welcome and provide for those who are new in their land.
  4. You’ve always said, “If I had lived in the time of….. I would have stood up for justice.” We say that about ending slavery, opposing Nazi Germany, standing with African Americans during the fight for Civil Rights and more. Yet truth is people with comfort and power rarely stand on the side of the oppressed when most needed. In a few short years Minnesotans passed legislation for marriage equity that will benefit about 30,000 residents of our state. Yet, over 95,000 residents (just in Minnesota) lack any basic protection of their rights, and their families live in daily fear that they could be detained and arrested on any given day. This issue has been on the table for over 15 years and every year more families are separated and workers exploited.

Why has immigration reform been so illusive? In 2001 republicans. let by President Bush were prepared to pass a law similar to the law the Senate Democrats finally passed this year. Fear of the immigrant, after 9/11, closed down any hope of reform. As citizens, the burden of the immigrant is something most of us can be blind to if we want. It is the struggle of the voiceless among us and we risk nothing by avoiding hearing their cry.

This is YOUR chance to be part of something bigger than your own petty first-world-problems. Get out and stand up for our immigrant sisters and brothers.

Please, contact your Representative in DC and tell them to stop guarding their assets and do the right thing for America and for Immigrants. Click here to contact your Rep.