Following Edward Snowden


Edward Snowden might be a traitor for some and a hero for many but for me, he was literarily a blessing!

Back in 2013, June was comparatively a maddening month for me as I had just began my career as a journalist.

I often used to be landed up in our editor’s cabin for a fifteen-minute lecture for losing a breaking news story to another news paper or failing to come up with a million-hits-worth story idea.

June 5,2013 was no different. It was supposed to be an irksome-slow news day. But Edward Snowden suddenly came out, made in the headlines. Snowden made my day.

Like any other journalist, for several months, I was sort of intoxicated by this young American man–following him day and night out on the social networks.

It was like watching a thrilling movie-anxiously waiting whats going to happen next.

Snowden first moved to Hong Kong. That was too exciting because Hong Kong is a China’s territory. Every body was questioning why China and even many labelled him as a link to Beijing. That link-label is still a mystery.

Amidst a possible extradition demand by the Obama administration, Snowden got disappeared for several days.

Then Edward Snowden suddenly Appeared in Russia–recounting the coldwar by bringing the two countries face to face. He got struck in Moscow’s international airport transit zone for weeks while President Barack Obama and his Russian counter part president Putin were warning each other of ruining the relationship between the two countries. 

Summer turned into winter and America is experiencing snow now but Snowden is still in Russia–not in the transit zone but under Moscow’s blessing. Snowden’s asylum in the communist country had not much jeopardized the relationship between the two countries.

However, listening to president Barack Obama’s speech this morning, it is clear that America is in need of Edward Snowden. It seems the Obama administration can’t afford to wait till Snowden reveals all the classified information. Worse, he could become an asset to the Russians. Thats what president Obama fears, probably.

President Obama acknowledged the debate that was started by the American whistleblower and even announced to reform the American Security Agency’s intelligence gathering methods.

It seems door is open for Snowden to return home and put an end to being a story idea for the journalists.