Flo Golod: Advise and Dissent


What advice would you have for president-elect Barack Obama?

Flo Golod: I‘ve been dying to unload my thoughts on somebody. People are either euphoric or sick of it. You know, this election year was never ending. Here’s what I think, I’m actually very pleased. He’s said in recent days that he’ll postpone on the tax plan he run on.

Big ol’ mistake! Obviously we need the extra revenue; it’ll offset the deficit somewhat.
If he waits. If he tries to wait – it’ll make taxes the midterm election issue. They’ll, the Republicans will mobilize amid those tax increase issues. The momentum is going in his (Obama’s) favor, it is there now – in two years economically it’ll still be pretty lousy, you know? The right has been really effective over a long period of time, over 20 years or so, at convincing people that taxes are a really bad idea, and now it’s finally got people starting to say, no. The rising change and momentum, they are expecting change right now, and people making 200k or more should get taxed more. It’s the right thing to do, it’s only fair, and they’ve got two years to get used to it. But it will (also) make it an issue in two years.

Why am I focused on economics? It’s just since the election because of what he has said since then that he’s moving in the right way on human rights issues. And economic policies can undermine human rights policies. If there’s no money to improve the schools – feeding economic gap – With healthcare reform, it feeds the health disparity gap. The proposal he’s making for this huge employment program I think its great, but it is going to build the deficit, it’ll increase, it’s so it is very important to put those tax changes in place right now, the country needs the money.