Fixing up houses


The Minneapolis Saint Paul Home Tour is this weekend. A great opportunity to see home renovations. I plan to visit a couple homes on 4th street on St. Paul’s East side. They were originally part of the “4th street preservation program”. Maybe they still are part of the program. At any rate they are owned by HRA which is a department of the city of St Paul.

The recent housing depression jepordized some of our historic housing. Some of the homes that were uninhabitable were purchased by the city and renovated through the NSP (neighborhood stabilization program) through HUD. My apologies for all the initials but that is how government programs get names.

Instead of renovating or restoring these houses and bringing them up to code and making them livable again they get a high end make over with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances, expensive lighting, garages with $5000 garage doors and more.

It is a good program and I am always happy to see historic homes saved and re-used but I think more homes could be improved and more lives changed if less money were spent on granite and stainless steel.

696 E 4th

I can not wait to see the inside of this home. It underwent extensive renovations.