First impressions: Addis Ababa and Ethiopia


December 21-25 — If Cincinnati and Los Angeles gave birth to an African metropolis with hills and palm trees it could be this place. Until now, the only places I have been outside of the United States are Mexico and Canada. In my mind this beautiful and complex location has more in common with Mexico than with Canada.

Leaving the continent of Turtle Island for the continent of Africa was a big deal for me. One reason is that being in the air that long in vehicles, whose logic I still don’t really understand or completely trust, was a real emotional and psychological challenge. It was work!

To show how bad I am, I really don’t get the logic of trusting a bunch of people on land racing around the highways and byways to do the right thing. When there are 20 car piles-ups in America my doubts about the automotive paradigm are tragically validated!

I’m so 12th Century! Drivers and traffic in Ethiopia are far from an ordinary experience. Plenty of donkey carts in Ethiopia. Folks, that’s really a comfortable speed for me. This sometimes feels like witnessing a dance between 12th and 21st Centuries.

I am also reminded now that the reoccurring dream in my life is of being on a road traveling with a group of people. I am living that dream now…