Fight to save WCAL still ongoing


by Erica Mauter • Ever since St. Olaf sold Northfield radio station WCAL, SaveWCAL has been fighting to get it back. WCAL was the first listener-supported radio station in the country. The brief overview is not so brief. There’s a lot to it. As you’d expect in any legal case, the story is well-documented. I can hardly even sum it up for you any better than, “Wow, drama.”

I received this note yesterday from SaveWCAL president Ruth Sylte:

Yesterday SaveWCAL submitted our Memorandum of Law and supporting documents to the Rice County District Court in support of our Petition To Redress Breach Of Trust.

The Memorandum itself is a powerful document that clearly and succinctly lays out St. Olaf’s malfeasance as the trustee of WCAL and MPR’s role as co-conspirator in the illegal sale of WCAL’s assets and destruction of WCAL’s 80,000+ strong “community of listeners”.

As the Memorandum shows, if Minnesota law is followed, SaveWCAL will prevail.

For a brief overview of the case, see:

You can download SaveWCAL’s Memorandum directly at:

The supporting documentation submitted to the court is available at:

St. Olaf College’s Memorandum of Law in support of their Motion To Dismiss can be downloaded at:

Minnesota Public Radio’s Memorandum of Law in support of their Motion To Dismiss can be downloaded at:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or SaveWCAL attorney Michael McNabb.

Thank you for your interest in the WCAL story and SaveWCAL’s efforts.

Ruth Sylte
President, SaveWCAL
The folks at SaveWCAL

P.S. SaveWCAL supporters get a discount to this Friday night’s Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus holiday concert at Ted Mann Concert Hall.