February 2-7: Upcoming events in Minneapolis’ Longfellow and Seward neighborhoods



  • Catch it if you can. Learn how to catch and store energy with Transition Longfellow.
  • Lonesome Dan Kase starts the party off right at Harriet Brewing with his boogie-woogie and blues piano set. Matt Yetter and Bill Cagley keep the old-timey dance tunes going. Silver City Millers end the night with a bluegrass set.
  • It must be the night for bluegrass, because you can catch the bluegrass band the Jugg Sluggers – mandolin and banjo – at the Riverview Wine Bar.


  • If you’re interested in learning how to grow your ceramics business, then you won’t want to miss the lecture and art demo by McKnight Fellowship artists Brian Boldon and Ursula Hargens at Northern Clay Center.
  • The Zacc Harris Trio caps the weekend off at Riverview Wine Bar with jazz.

Weeknight Highlights

It’s not just the weekends that are hopping in the hood. Check out what’s coming up this week:

  • What gardener isn’t staring longingly at the seed catalogs right about now? Get your fix with Mother Earth Gardens’ session on irrigation free gardening.
  • Airports have such a unique emotional tension to them, don’t they? A new play read at the Playrights’ Center, Karpovsky Variations, sets its characters in the middle of this tension as they sort out long-standing family drama.
  • Artist demo and chili cook-off at Northern Clay Center. Rumored bear and squirrel chili entries…who’s game?
  • “The greatest fan film of all time” will be playing at Riverview Theater. Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaption is the work of two fan (-atics?) who remade Raiders shot for shot using what they had around them.
  • Two brave creatives will present works-in progress to the audience at Patrick’s Cabaret and then will get feedback from the audience on their work.

Do you have an event coming up that you’d like to see added to our calendar? Don’t be shy, send an email to tips@my-broadsheet.com, and we will post your event details.