Fear blast from marriage amendment proponents


We all knew the fear blasts from the proponents of the so-called “marriage”constitutional amendment would hit the airwaves right about now. We knew they’d use the basest fear-mongering appealing to the worst in people.

Yes, that’s right. The ones equating freedom to marry with turning our K-12 classrooms into the Gay 90’s bar and conservatives fired from their jobs because Teh Gayz want to marry. Catholic Charities shuttered because of gay people.

Feel the fear blast for yourself.

When same sex marriage has been imposed elsewhere, it has not been live and let live. People who believe that marriage is one man and one woman have faced consequences. Small business fined. Individuals fired. Charities closed down. Churches sued. Same sex marriage taught to young children in elementary school and parents have no legal right to be notified or to take their children out of class that day. We can prevent this from happening here, by voting YES on the marriage protection amendment.

Yes, Teh Gayz want to ruin your marriage. Just like they ruined Amy Koch’s and Michael Brodkorb’s.

Teh Gayz want to indoctrinate your children into their evil ways of fitness, fashion and they’ll be taking over your schools.

Teh Gayz will be rounding up all conservatives and re-indoctrinating them in special camps so they’ll focus better on hygiene and good manners.

Even worse, Teh Gayz want to force everyone to Gay Marry!!! It’s true, I heard about it on Blenn Geck!!!

Teh Gayz are taking over unless we all vote YES to write bigotry into our state’s constitution using permanent ink.