FREE SPEECH ZONE | FBI Agent Infiltrate, Spy On Minnesota Peace Groups


At a Press Conference in Minneapolis today, a local Peace
and Justice group laid claim that an FBI Agent, Karen
Sullivan infiltrated the group in 2008, spying on
it for two years.

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Present at the Press Conference and speaking in defense
of those being spied on, was former FBI agent Colleen Rawley.
These groups are the Anti-War Committee as well as Women Against
Military Madness.

In 2002 agent Colleen Rawley was made person of the year by
Time magazine.

It is my understanding that there were no “credible” “mainstream”
(Corporate) media present at the Press Conference.

Present was Twin Cities Indy Media and The Uptake.

It must be noted that these raids, Grand Jury investigations and
now exposed government spying of American citizens practicing
our legal, First Amendment Rights are doing so under the direct
orders of Attorney General ERic Holder. With the direct authorization
of president Barack Obama.

Is that the hope and change that Minnesota voted for?

So when will the “credible” corporate media start to report on news
that really matters? When will it stop being a lapdog to those in

Which is why they were included in the First Amendment in the
first place.