Everyone deserves an ID card regardless of status

Everyone, regardless of status, has the right to obtain an unmarked identification card. And if an individual meets the requirements (passing the driver’s test) an individual should be able to obtain a driver’s license as well. 
Currently, there are a few organizations that are fighting for the rights of undocumented individuals to obtain an identification card or driver’s license. Each year, this request has been rejected from the state and legislators. Currently, the bill has passed the Senate, but at this time, it’s in the hands of the House of Representatives. 
Now, there is a division between organizations because of the problematic issue of whether identification cards and driver’s licenses for undocumented individuals should be marked or if these cards should look similar to a normal card that a United States citizen obtains. Some organizations believe if the cards are marked, it will cause more discrimination problems against undocumented individuals. 
Others believe that having the identification cards are fine, as long as individuals are able to obtain one. This is even more of a problem because organizations are dividing, even though they are fighting for the same cause. Parents who are undocumented need an identification card or license to be able to give their children transportation to school or even for a source for job transportation. 
A lot of schools, and even child care, prefer parents to have some sort of state identification to demonstrate that they are whom they have stated in relation to the child. Individuals who are undocumented are not able to fully function or be a part of society without proper documentation.
There are also a handful of undocumented immigrants who are given a citation while driving and are not able to produce proper documentation. When this happens, people are sometimes detained and sent back to their homeland. What happens to the family as a whole? Children may lose their parents, supporters and breadwinners. 
This would be detrimental to any child, and all of these problems could be prevented with the support of this bill that should be passed. Individuals are not able to obtain a job without proper identification. An identification card should be provided for individuals for in case of an emergency.
Your voices could also be important in supporting this very important bill that will hopefully pass. 
All individuals who are undocumented should be able to obtain an identification card or driver’s license that is unmarked. America should not have the reputation of individuals living in fear; the American dream is supposed to be considered an opportunity to make one’s own successes in society.
[This was a letter to the editor originall published on the Minnesota Daily: http://www.mndaily.com/opinion/letters-editor/2015/04/15/everyone-deserves-id-card-regardless-status]