Ethiopian snapshots: Still to come


I told many people that I was going to Ethiopia to visit the sacred and historical sights. Am I procrastinating the posting of a story about my trip to the headwaters of the Blue Nile, the island monasteries on Lake Tana and the ancient monolithic stone churches of Lalibela? I have many photos of all that from both our Ethiopian-Italian cousins and myself.

Ethiopia for me now is rich with both joy and pain. I thought I would tell the story after I counseled with Mimi Girma. Now that doesn’t seem like the solution. I want to be very careful about how I talk about all that because it is rather sensitive. I need to do a lot more digesting and “burning of my own wood” before I talk about what really happened for me going to those places. But to give you a hint, I had a real struggle with being confronted with an ancient patriarchy and my perception of how it has played out in present time amongst family, friends and strangers…painful! Then there was the matter of being in sacred spaces and witnessing the dance between “the sacred and tourism”.

It’s complicated. It’s a heavy load!