Epic fart propels Eric Nigg’s career


This ad by local filmmakers won the annual CareerBuilder.com contest and will be shown during the 2010 Super Bowl.

(Sadly, it has also been re-filmed, so you won’t see Eric Nigg himself and that epic fart on tv… yet…)

Eric, along with a brilliant class of people from Token Media, Rascallion Media and Forrest Media produced a commercial spot for the annual Careeruilder.com Contest. The commercial is about a fart…that is lit on fire…and we spent money on it. And a responsible company of grown ups loved it! The grand prize was $100,000 and to have it air during the Super Bowl! The commercial was reshot recently and we are currently awaiting the network to approve the commercial. With all the other crap on TV, what’s one more fart joke? Thanks again to Tim Harmston, Sarah Jean Shervin, Scott Brady for making this so funny!

You’ve seen Token, Rascallion, and Forrest’s work in the Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project. As Eric revealed in his last stint on locally-produced podcast Flak Radio, he’s moving to L.A. to further his acting and standup career.

“I can’t stop now…”

Apropos, eh?