The environmental agenda at the State Capitol


by Eric Pusey • I received an email from one of my favorite groups, Clean Water Action of MN. The email detailed their legislative agenda for 2009.

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Each year, Clean Water Action focuses on a few key issues at the Minnesota Legislature. These are our top priorities for keeping our lakes, rivers and streams clean. In 2009 we’re focused on getting toxic chemicals out of children’s products, and reducing the pollution from cars.

How is CWA so effective? They build coalitions and they help elect legislators. They know how to help pro-environmental candidates by turning out voters concerned about our lakes, rivers and water quality. A CWA-endorsed candidate doesn’t just get to use the name on their literature, they know that CWA canvassers will be doorknocking in their districts to help identify voters concerned about the environment. They then work hard to turn out the environmental voters for their endorsed candidates.

Here’s their agenda:

Phase Out Toxic Bisphenol-A
Safer alternatives are available to this harmful chemical used in many plastic children’s products. This toxin should be phased out to protect the health of young children, who are especially vulnerable to its effects.

Support Comprehensive Chemical Policy Reform
State agencies need to identify toxic chemicals in consumer products and require manufacturers to replace them with safer alternatives when they are available.

Pass Minnesota Clean Car Standards
Making the switch to clean, modern cars is a win-win that will reduce air and water pollution in our neighborhoods and save Minnesotans money on gas. It will also drive innovation and help curb Global Warming.

Provide Modern Land Use Options for Common Sense Communities
Give local communities and state agencies the tools and incentives they need to build communities that work for walking, biking, transit and cars. Clean Water Action supports the Building Sensible Communities bill to promote mixed-used development. By giving Minnesotans more options about where they live and how they get around we can protect our lakes, rivers and streams and quality of life from pollution.

Watch-dogging Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment Funds
Clean Water Action will also be keeping a close eye on the Legislature, to make sure Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment funds go where Minnesotans directed them-to make sure that we clean up our lakes, rivers and streams.

originally published 1/22/09