COMMUNITY VOICES | “Energy Pathways Study” on Mpls Council committee agenda Monday


There is an “Energy Pathways Study” dated February 21, 2014, prepared for the City of Minneapolis, which appears to be the response to concerns raised by “Minneapolis Energy Options” and others.

It appears that the City paid the Center for Energy and Environment about $250,000 for this report.

The 191 page report is posted here: (Caution: this PDF crashed my Adobe reader.)

There is also a

Request for City Council Committee Action from the Department of City Coordinator
Date: February 24, 2014
To: Honorable Cam Gordon, Chair, Health, Environment & Community Engagement Committee
Subject: Energy Pathways Study 


. Receive and file the Energy Pathways Study.

 . Direct staff to pursue the recommendations for a Clean Energy Agreements and to pursue all necessary franchise agreements consistent with the Energy Pathway Study’s recommendations. through the ongoing utility franchise negotiations. 

. Direct staff to recommend changes to the City�s 2014 Legislative Agenda consistent with the Energy Pathways Study�s recommendations.

This is on the agenda of the Health, Environment & Community Engagement Committee for Monday:

(Cam Gordon chairs this committee)

Regular Meeting

February 24, 2014 � 1:30 p.m.
Room 317, City Hall

Muller’s comments:

The report is typically full of high flown language, and contains some interesting factual information, but is almost entirely lacking in useful recommendations or solid evaluation of policy alternatives.   It represents a rollover to the status quo.

Much of it was pretty obviously written from the viewpoint of Xcel Energy.

There are statements in the report that, if adopted, could be used to promote biomass and garbage burners in Minneapolis.

The Center for Energy and Environmental appears to be closely tied to Xcel Energy.  This was obviously a poor choice for a report bearing on the Xcel franchise in Minneapolis.  The principal author appears to be Mike Bull, recently enough an Xcel employee.

It is not clear that there was any meaningful public input into the report.

The committee agenda does not make clear whether public testimony will be allowed on Monday.  Perhaps Cam will say.

So:  a turkey.  Another example of special interests prevailing, and the people losing, in Minneapolis.  But look at it and decide for yourself.