The end of biological life


As I wrote a few months ago, and as I suggested in my 2007 TC Daily Planet op-ed piece,(1) the escalating destruction of biological life on our planet is by far the most serious problem that confronts our nation and all other nations. Therefore, as we begin a new year with a new American administration, all other problems must be addressed in that end-of-life context.

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Two recent publications that highlight the problem are “Obama Left With Little Time to Curb Global Warming,”(2) and the Center for Global Development’s 2008 Commitment to Development Index,, which shows that among 22 of the world’s wealthiest nations, the U.S. ranks 21st on the Index’s Environment Component and 17th on all seven of its policy components.(3)

Thankfully, 2009 will begin in just 17 days.

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