Election eve in Europe


Three months before I attended my daughter’s wonderful Sept. 11 wedding at a 16th-century chateau castle in southern France, I subscribed to the online English journal Expatica, which caters to Americans who work and live in that country.

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Today’s edition lists the election eve parties and events in several European nations. Most of them are being held for Democrats, including the “Bye Bye Bush” show in Amsterdam and the Caves Ouvertes for Obama in Geneva. See “News US election events, 30 October – 4 November” at

Recent polls show that except for Britain, Obama is the overwhelming favorite of Western Europeans, and that is especially true for France. In 2004 Kerry was also a strong favorite when my daughter Sabrina was able to gather with American and French celebrants at Ernest Hemingway’s historic Harry’s Bar in Paris. The party was fabulous and the notable people who attended it were fascinating. But of course the elections results were sobering, even with the finest French wine.

This election eve Sabrina and her French husband will be in Arequipa, Peru for a wedding of one of their wedding guests. But unless the Republicans are able to steal yet another election, the celebrants at Harry’s Bar will be able to raise their wine glasses and shout “Vive Barack Obama!”

We can all drink to that.