Egyptian Americans worry and hope for the best


Fighting continues in Egypt. On August 18th, the Egyptian government admitted that its security forces killed 36 Islamists who were in its custody.

On August 19th, militants ambushed a police convoy in the northern Sinai region and 24 officers were killed.

In these weeks following a military takeover of the government from the country’s first elected president, Mohamed Morsi, Los Angeles Times describes an Egypt which is “… spiraling into civil strife and factional bloodshed among the army, Islamists and bands of vigilantes who are emerging as a dangerous third force in the nation’s turmoil.”

How do these events look to Minnesotans with family ties to Egypt?

Ahmed Al-Beheary is a former President of the Egyptian American Society of Minnesota and a Co-Founder of the National Egyptian American Society. He stopped by KFAI to talk with Siobhan Keirans on the Morning Blend. [Audio below]