The .EDU Film Fest


by Erica Mauter | 5/5/09 • The .EDU Film Fest is “Minnesota’s first school sponsored, state-wide film festival, featuring short films written, shot, edited, and scored by high-school filmmakers.”

Events and screenings for the 2nd annual event will take place Friday, May 15, at the Riverview Theater and Saturday, May 16, at the St. Anthony Main Theater.

A read-through of their mission statement indicates that any high school kid who’s even remotely interested in film ought to get in on this. (If you know a kid who thinks they can’t afford it, help ‘em out.) The festival aims not just to give kids an arena to show their films, but helps them connect with other local filmmakers and resources. Sounds like a great learning experience and great exposure.

The requisite Twitter and Facebook pages have more info.

(via Peter Fleck/@pfhyper)

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