FROM THE EDITORS’ DESK | Remembering Jaclyn Evert


We were saddened to learn that on January 20, Jaclyn Evert died at the age of 22. Jaclyn was a contributor to the Daily Planet from 2009 to 2010, writing several articles on subjects ranging from immigrant workers to extreme couponing. A memorial service was held in Roseville on January 25.

Jaclyn attended many of our writers’ groups and citizen journalism classes, and we remember her creativity, her generous spirit, and her dry humor. My personal favorite among Jaclyn’s articles is her review of an album she didn’t much care for. “The contrast between [Sarah] Oberland’s strong voice and the bland musical background is especially apparent in the album’s eponymous opener, which sounds like an American Idol audition tape recorded at a karaoke bar.” See Jaclyn’s page on the Daily Planet for more samples of her writing.

Jaclyn was a stylish woman—not just in her unmistakable fashion sense, but in her personality and in her writing. With us and with her fellow writers, she shared support; enthusiasm; and frank, helpful advice. We were very lucky to know Jaclyn, and to be able to publish her writing. All of us at the Twin Cities Daily Planet extend our condolences to Jaclyn’s family and friends on the untimely loss of a remarkable young woman.