EDITOR’S DESK | Give to the Max — or until you crash the GiveMN site!


Yep — site crashed, and I’m giving the credit to all of the Minnesotans who are out there supporting our favorite charities, schools, non-profit organizations, and projects. So here’s a day-after plea: keep on giving! Think of it as a second chance to make a difference.

We all do better when we all do better, and the organizations fervently and/or obnoxiously begging for your money on Give to the Max Day (including TC Daily Planet) really do need your donations and do good things with the money you contribute.

I put TC Daily Planet at the top of my list. When we were in grade school, it was considered bad form to vote for yourself in elections. Not any more — if you don’t believe in yourself enough to vote for yourself, then you shouldn’t be running. I believe in the TC Daily Planet. That’s why I work here, and why I give money on Give to the Max Day and in a monthly pledge, and that’s why I urge you to do the same. 

We tell your news — news about young artists at Juxtaposition in North Minneapolis, the Hmong 18 Clan Council dispute, Pillsbury Late Nite, Seward Co-op and the Bryant community, the first Hmong city council member in St. Paul, and much more. We provide a place for you to tell your own stories and shout out your own opinions on everything from bicycles for immigrants to Veteran’s Day remembrances. From Media Skills Fellowships to Newsroom Cafés to individual meetings, we mentor and edit and encourage emerging writers from all communities. And we need your help to keep on — so when the GiveMN site comes back, click here and send us your money, whether that is on November 14 or 15 or 16. (See video above for more on TC Daily Planet.)

Don’t stop there. This is important. Support as many good organizations as you can. I love the way my Facebook friends are posting lists of their favorites. In that spirit, here are five other organizations I’m supporting — no big money, but I figure they will be as happy as I am to see a long list of people who stand up and cheer by giving a little bit.

MPR reported that Governor Mark Dayton was embarrassed when he looked at how little he gave last year:

“I pride myself on my charitable giving, and I just was disappointed in myself to total it up and realize I had really fallen off,” Dayton said. “So, I will remedy that this year. “

I don’t make as much as the governor, but I’m also going to try to step it up this year. So please — join me, and give often and generously, and especially to the TC Daily Planet. (And if you want to encourage other people to give to your favorite organizations, just list them below in the comment section.)