EDITOR’S DESK | Commenter of the week: Ladan Yusuf


Last week’s longest and most thoughtful comment came from Ladan Yusuf. Here’s part of it:

We can argue all day about how many white people are racist and how many are not. As a woman of color, East African, Somali, I have seen racism that you would not wish on any one and have experienced this in this state from whites and non-whites.  Yet at the same time, I continue to do the work I mean to do and bringing these issues up in a way that empowers people not make them feel they are victims. 

So let me share with you a third view on this and what I do.  I see the big debate is between unions and anti-unions and [neither] I nor the community I come from care about this debate.  We care about quality of education.  

[Click here to read the whole comment, and the Community Voices article it is responding. 

This week, lots of commenters are outraged over the bonuses paid to Minnesota  Orchestra President and CEO Michael Henson. They’re weighing on Barb Kucera’s Workday Minnesota article about the bonus and high compensation. One comment sums up what seems to be the general sentiment:

Greta Bergstrom • The old “CEO double-standard” is just par for the course these days.