FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK | Citizen journalism in DC


From New Haven Independent on one coast to Local Oakland on the other, community journalism and new media are alive and well, and well-represented at the J-Lab conference in Washington. I’m scheduled to talk about training citizen journalists. (Feel free to jump in with your suggestions, as long as you do it before 10: 00 a.m.)

Part of the news at the conference is a study with some pretty interesting conclusions about “the impact the changing media landscape is having on how journalism is being practiced and how it is being consumed.” 

The study finds that community journalism “is evolving as an exercise in participation, not merely as observation.”

New media creators seek to report on their communities by being actively involved in them.  They engage in newsgathering and reporting that is informed by their own knowledge and sense of place.  They seek to entice members of their community in robust conversations. They pay close attention to their readers and communities to figure out what is of interest. 

At the TC Daily Planet, we try to “entice members of the community” into conversation and participation, and response and involvement are increasing. Here are some of the ways you can participate in the Daily Planet:

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