Eden Prairie city manager blogs about Waconia personnel issue


by Erica Mauter | September 24, 2009 • Eden Prairie City Manager Scott Neal talks about a sticky situation with an employee of the city of Waconia.

The question is: What would you be shaking your head about? Would it be that the City hired and employed for 25+ years a convicted sex offender? Or, would it be that the City Council is now trying to fire an employee who has worked for the City for 25+ years for something he did almost 30 years ago? Or, would it be the public worry and concern this situation has generated? Or, would it be that public leaders are facing some very difficult, and expensive, decisions on this matter?

I’m astounded that Scott Neal even blogged about it in the first place.

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He lays out the possible outcomes, cost to the city, and likely response of city residents, and he does it all in a very calm, matter-of-fact manner.

Making public personnel decisions is difficult during stressful times. It’s even more difficult when those decisions are considered and made in an angry political atmosphere. That’s always the most expensive atmosphere in which to make a public personnel decision. Unfortunately, I think the people of Waconia are about to discover that as well.

Note that he doesn’t suggest a course of action for the city of Waconia. I appreciate the framing of the issue from the city’s side; normally I’d be the angry (or at least confused) resident and I’m sure I wouldn’t have the money aspect of it square in my head. The unfortunate thing is there is no “good” solution for all parties.