NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | East Lake Library gears up for 2012 Book Sale


The Friends of the East Lake Library hold an annual sale of books, mostly used.  The purpose of the sale is to create a fund upon which the library can draw in order to add items to its collection or provide special services.  This makes our community library a better place than it would be if there were only the budget that Hennepin County provides.  In recent years, state aids to local entities have suffered for a number of reasons.  So, library lovers have organized to make efforts to cushion community libraries from fiscal stringency.  They feel that defense of libraries is, in some sense, defense of civilization.

The days of the actual sale are May 19 and 20th.  The location will be at the library, 2727 Lake Street E.  Community supporters are urged to contribute books and media that they might otherwise throw away.  This is win-win since the library gets funds, the waste collection is lessened.  The days of donation stretch from April 27 to May 18.  The books will be received and stored at East Lake Library. 

The sale organizers ask donors to use good judgment in donating.  Choose the kinds of books and condition of books that will make them attractive to buyers.  Books that are full of marks or full of mold will probably go unsold.  These probably belong in recycle.  Otherwise, you donations are appreciated.  Receipts should be available at the sale.  You will need to make your own estimate of value of your contribution.

On May 19 and 20, you are urged to come and look at the inventory.  You might find some desirable purchases at the best price you will pay anywhere.

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