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From: Bob Carney Jr. Date: 1:45am, Sep 4

We’re holding our fourth meeting at 3:00 PM instead of 4:00, so Dan Cohen can make it to the Planning Commission meeting – maybe Bob Fine can stop by too, he has Park Board meetings Wednesday.

Everyone is invited — not just candidates – we are seeking as many signatures on a Stop the Vikings Stadium petition. The Legislature is having a special session next Monday – that’s the perfect time for someone to stand up in each house and introduce a bill, or a resolution, or something – to say: DON’T SIGN ANYTHING UNTIL THIS WHOLE STINKING MESS CAN BE REVIEWED DURING THE 2014 REGULAR SESSION.

The proposed meeting agenda is attached, along with minutes of the last meeting. We’re getting pretty organized – an interesting and effective political and meeting process seems to be emerging. I’m finishing up the first in a new video news series called “DUMP THE REGIME! – Serious Issues for Minneapolis and Minnesota.” Of course the first episode is on Vikings Deal – there will be more, on a number of other issues, including of course Demand Transit Revolution.

So… if you’re in the vicinity of People’s Plaza at 3 PM tomorrow, please do stop by – we need all the help we can get to stop the Vikings deal.

We’ll also be talking about the Independence Party’s Issues Caucuses coming up Saturday – if you’re involved in that, please come to the Wednesday meeting to join our discussion on the caucuses. You might get some ideas from our evolving process – which of course we encourage everyone to borrow, draw from… etc., it’s not patented or copyrighted.

Bob “Again” Carney Jr.
“candidate-journalist”; Candidate for Mayor of Minneapolis; Writer-Wing
East Lake Harriet Farmstead

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From: Connie Sullivan Date: 2:26pm, Sep 4

We have to admire Bob Carney’s efforts to hold mayoral candidate debates and discussions. Holding his public forum arms open to all 35 candidates, he is unlike every other entity in the city–radio, TV, news outlets in print and on-line, political parties, unions, non-profits, subsections of the city like neighborhoods, electoral groups–who are concentrating ONLY on repeated gatherings of those current candidates who hold, or have held, an elected or appointed position in Minneapolis. The exception, whom everyone includes: the avowedly Republican candidate, Winton, who has no public office experience. I don’t know why there is that exception.

Carney wants inclusion, even of Cohen and Fine, who don’t seem to bother with insisting, when they’re invited to an “important” venue to talk about the campaign, that their excluded peers be recognized and brought into the discussion. Shame on them!

Today, the Star Tribune had a you-can’t-follow-this-on-your-own article on the money in Minneapolis’s mayoral and one or two council campaigns [Why don’t they link the source they summarize?]. They included as worthy of our attention only those current or former electeds and appointeds. Even if they had almost zero campaign money declared as of yesterday, like Fine and Woodruff.

The Powers That Be have decided, against all the persistent work of Bob Carney, Jr., that there are only seven or eight mayoral candidates out of the 35.

Connie Sullivan
Como, in East Minneapolis

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