E-DEMOCRACY | Potholes in St. Paul


March 22 – Jim Mork: Clear signs of pothole patching on Cretin. So the city must be out taking care of business. Need to swing by Cleveland to see if the worst stretch has gotten any attention.

March 23 – Jim Mork: After seeing patched craters on Cretin, I drove northward on Cleveland to Grand. Nope. The pavement is in even worse condition since the last time. I don’t think little patch jobs there are going to do it. They might have to close a block and grind up the top surface before putting down new pavement. Something beat the heck out of two or three blocks on Cleveland.

March 23 – Jeanne Weigum: I admit to not followng this thread at all so what I write may be OLD news, but I share anyway. I was at a meeting with Public Works this week.

The asphault plant is up and running but the weather is not cooperating. “This is one of the worst years ever”. The holes that get patched don’t stay patched because of the extreme night time temps. They are trying very hard to patch the worst of the holes knowing that it is at best temporary. They do want people to call them about serious areas where the holes are likely to cause accidents or injury but the routine holes will likely have to wait until the weather allows them to fix it once and have it stay fixed.

A few years ago the only asphault plant in the whole state that was up and running was in St. Paul and cities from all over the state were having to get their patching supplies here for a couple of weeks.