E-DEMOCRACY | Independence Party picks full slate of candidates


Bill McGaughey posted at 3:59am, May 18

On Friday, Independence Party chair Mark Jenkins told views of Almanac (TPT) that the Independence Party would not be running a candidate for Governor this year. On the following day, however, the party endorsed a 39-year-old mother of two, Hannah Nicollet, for Governor. She is believed to be the first female candidate for Governor of Minnesota endorsed by a major party.

Nicollet, a longtime Ron Paul supporter, was originally a candidate for U.S. Senate competing for the nomination against businessman Kevin Terrell. However, in the middle of the afternoon she suddenly switched to the gubernatorial race. Both candidates were nominated for their respective offices.

The Independence Party also nominated Bob Helland for Secretary of State, Brandon Borgos for Attorney General, and Pat Dean for State Auditor. Although the turnout was small, there was enthusiastic support for all the endorsed candidates.

Party veteran, former U.S. Senator Dean Barkley, was also in attendance although he remarked that he was not running for any elective office. The convention was held at Mankato State University.

Jim Mork posted at 7:20am, May 19

Somebody define “major party”. Independence got 11 percent in the last election. Jesse Ventura is to my memory the only Independence Candidate racking up major numbers. What percent with the I Party have to get to qualify, in their own minds, as “major”. I fear they, too, oppose RCV lest it diminish their shadow ever further.

Jim Mork

Bill McGaughey posted at 1:48pm, May 19

A party which wins 5 percent or more of the vote in an election for a statewide office is a major party. The IP is officially in favor of ranked choice voting. A reason is to diminish the appeal of the “throwaway vote” as a reason not to vote for one of the two main parties.

The filing period comes up soon. Tell this to Smudgy. Maybe qualifications won’t matter.

Bob Carney Jr. posted at 12:17pm

Attached is a News and Analysis article on the IP Convention — I was there all day. This is probably the most extensive coverage of that Convention currently on line… but that’s not saying much.

File: The Minnesota Independence Party is alive and well

Bob “Again” Carney Jr. — Minneapolis

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