E-DEMOCRACY | Capitalism = Feudalism?


From: David Tilsen Date: 2:25pm, Aug 25

I see it a little different. Capitalism is much closer to feudalism from which it came then we are led to believe. We are the surfs, the peasants, and occasionally the merchants. We exist to feed the desires of the men in the castle. These people like their lives of pleasure with their sports teams, their private boxes, their private jets, their multiple homes around the world, their yachts etc. We come into their lives only when they want something from us, sex, a stadium, votes, labor, a war to protect their interests etc.

Here is an example. I have a good friend who was stuck by a contaminated needle in the course of his/her employment last Thursday. This is person who understands his/her rights, knows the law and has a fierce self-protection drive. In this situation anti-virals are most effective when administered within a few hours. The employer did not rush him/her to the hospital, but sent their surf to urgent care, where they didn’t know what to do and after several hours gave him/her a referral to a doctor, whom he/she could not see until the next day, Friday. On Friday he/she got a prescription but could not fill it because the employer has yet to file a workers comp claim, and he/she doesn’t want to pay the $800 (or doesn’t have it, I am not sure) and doesn’t believe that he/she will be paid pack.

This person actually said to me in angry, I would rather die of Aids that give those F*&*kers this money!

My lesion is we just don’t care to them, we are cannon fodder, people to vote, work, pay, gratify them and meet their needs, or else go away and like the children that we are, been seen and not heard.

Occasionally we wake up, it I called things like the French Revolution, Spanish Civil War, Cuban revolution etc. Once in a great while we actually control part of our government a little. This has happened in the United States, we have laws, a constitution, rules that we are allowed to enforce (as long as we don’t get too crazy and use our position as soldiers or consultants to let the people know what is being done in their name). Anyway the elected officials are allowed to play their little game most of the time, as long as they toe the line when it matters.

If we stop them making us pay for the stadium, we will not have punched them in the gut, we will only have tweaked their nose, but perhaps this will give us inspiration to go for other victories.

What they have learned is that if they don’t allow us to win occasionally non-violently, then armed struggle will be the only avenue left to us, and they really don’t want that. I don’t either to be clear but I will not be a good surf and do nothing to challenge the current system and maybe, just maybe the Tai Moores the Doug Manns, the Snowdons and the Bradley Mannings of the world with inspire more of us to do more.

Sorry for the diatribe, I am angry this morning.

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