E-DEMOCRACY | Are you gonna eat those apples, those walnuts?


From: Charley Underwood Date: 05:17 UTC

A couple of months ago, I asked Longfellow neighbors if I could have the apples from their trees that fell on the ground. About a half-dozen replied.

I came over to get the apples, which I cleaned and pressed on a borrowed cider press. I got the cider, about a third of which went to the apple press owner, about a third went to me, and about a third I gave away various places.

The apple tree owners got free help cleaning up and hauling apples that were usually wormy or badly bruised.

The left-over apple bits after squeezing have gone to chicken owners and the Compostadores for a huge compost operation.

It has been a little crazy, except now I am beginning to run out of apples. So….

If you have apples that you don’t want, whether ones on the ground or unwanted apples in the tree, I would be glad to take them off your hands so you have a lot less mess. My apple picker-upper picks up just about everything that still has the shape of an apple. Write me an email at charleyunderwood (at) hotmail (dot) com and I will be by about once a week while the season lasts.

I am also extending a NEW invitation to neighbors who have walnut trees. A friend of mine has a walnut cracker and my apple picker-upper also picks up walnuts fast. So if you want me to get your walnuts, just email me at the above.

Let me know your address, daylight hours that might be bad, and what part of the yard the tree is located. I would also appreciate knowing if you have any guard dogs or challenges I should be aware of. And PLEASE let me know if you are offering just apples from the ground, or if you want me to pick apples from the tree as well (and about how many apples you might want for yourself). Oh, and please write something about “apples” in the email subject line. (I get quite a few emails.)

Thanks so much.

From: Theresa Alberti Date: 11:51 UTC

We don’t have apples or walnuts, but I just have to ask, out of curiosity–

is an apple picker-upper a device or a person? I’m just trying to imagine how this works.

And what a great idea to forage, with permission, from the neighborhood!

See thread here.

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