Du Nord Craft Spirits: Coming to Longfellow


Previously we reported that Du Nord Craft Spirits would be moving into the former home of Moto Primo, and now Du Nord has released more information about the project.

The distillery will be Minneapolis’ first micro-distillery and will produce vodka, gin, whiskey, and, in the future, bourbon. Ingredients will be sourced from a family farm in Cold Spring, MN, and the production process from start to finish will happen at its Longfellow location.

The distillery is founded by husband and wife team Chris and Shanelle Montana. According to a press release, over 50% of all distilled products are made from just two companies. “We aren’t trying to be the next Jack Daniels” said co-founder Chris Montana, “our small size means we can build ties with individual farmers and create connections between the farm and the city.”

Du Nord has a indegogo campaign to help raise funds to purchase equipment that will allow them to be a “grain to glass” distillery. They are hoping to raise $9,000 to purchase a mill for the corn raised on Shanelle’s family farm and “as many fermenters as we raise money for.”

Spirits will be available for purchase in early 2014, and the distillery will be open for tours and samples.

Du Nord Craft Spirits is located at 2610 E. 32nd Street, Minneapolis.

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