Drumline at Northside Art Flow


by John Hoff | July 25, 2009 • I was stepping off a shuttle bus at this weekend’s Northside Art FLOW (sponsored by the Peace Foundation) and I just happened to be in the perfect place to capture this entertaining drum line marching down West Broadway.

The Adventures of Johnny Northside: Being the amazing, true-to-life adventures and (very likely) misadventures of a divorced man who seeks to take his education, activism and seemingly boundless energy to the North Side of Minneapolis, to help with a process of turning an arguably-blighted neighborhood into something approaching Urban Utopia. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be near my child. This blog is dedicated to my 12-year-old son Alex, and his dream of studying math and robotics at MIT.

I’m told this is the same drum line featured in this OTHER YouTube video, click here, during a “Peace Across The Northside” event. When that video was shot, “Peace Across the Northside was a dream, a hope. Now we actually HAVE peace across the Northside, with crime down 40 percent and revitalization progress busting out all over! In the last couple days, we collectively recoiled in horror at word of two murders…

In SOUTH Minneapolis.

We have far to go in NoMi, but this weekend’s Northside Art FLOW was fun and incident-free. The sounds of this video capture well, in 29 seconds, the incredible positive energy of the entire event.

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