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Book review of Gillian Holloway’s “The Complete Dream Book” by Nicholas P Heille.

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Dreams are an adult conversation one has with themselves is the way Gillian Holloway’s “The Complete Dream Book” leaves the reader.  Her book is intended for those who remember their dreams, as well as those who find it difficult to recall them.  For those who find it difficult to remember their dreams, Holloway offers the reader ways to enhance the recall process. 

Chapters of the book range from common dreams, by age group, youth, middle age, and older folks; to dreams that reoccur over time and deal with subject matters like sex, relationships, and travel by car plane or train.  There is also a chapter devoted to serious dreams that are often referred to as nightmares.

The author, an academic in psychology now teaches dream theory at Maryhurst University, Portland, OR.  The book is based on examples from a compilation of over 28,000+ dreams the author has recorded.  The book’s examples include explanations of why one would have a dream like this.  The book helps the reader appreciate the serious nature of dreams, that they are an adult conversations with one’s self.  

The dreams selected by the author, along with their explanations, are for the novice, a great introduction to dream theory and dream interpretation; and, for those with a solid foundation in dream theory and interpretation, they will find many of their beliefs confirmed in the same examples and discussion. 

A cautionary note, for contemporary writers, who continue to ruminate over Jung’s and Freud’s interpretation of dreams, because the author has taken dreams and their interpretation to the next level, they will find Holloway’s work a foil to their pseudo psychology on dream theory.

Gillian Holloway’s “The Complete Dream Book” t is good read,.  A book whose message you will take to bed with and you as a companion in you adult conversation you carry on with yourself as you dream .

“The Complete Dream Book: Discover What Your Dreams Reveal About You”, by Gillian Holloway, PhD, Source Books Inc., Naperville, IL, 2006.