Dream Act supporter celebrates President’s support of immigrant children while fighting home foreclosure


“This is the first time that I can publicly state that I’m undocumented and not be afraid of saying it,” volunteered exuberant Dream Act activist Alejandra Cruz after President Obama issued an executive order to stop deporting the children of undocumented immigrants. “Finally we’re coming out, and that makes me feel really happy.”

Together with her younger brother David and Occupy Homes, Alejandra is not only fighting to stay in this country, she is fighting to win back her family’s house from PNC Bank and Freddie Mac. Today, the Cruz siblings will embark on a caravan across the Midwest to protest the bank and the lender that evicted them from their South Minneapolis home — reportedly due to a glitch in PNC Bank’s online payment system. Last month the Minneapolis Police department and Hennepin County Sheriff’s department spent $43,000 to evict the Cruz residence and arrest Occupy Homes activists defending the property.

“Being an undocumented student here in the United States for 12 years has had a huge impact on my life and my brother’s life,” Alejandra confessed. “I couldn’t believe it. After many years of hard work, of hunger strikes, and a trip to Washington, D.C., just seeing the President make the move to not deport us, made us feel more motivated to continue with our dreams.”

“Across the country I have a lot of friends who are dreamers, and we were calling each other, crying and letting each other know that this has finally paid off after many years. It stops a bit of the bleeding that our families are facing.”

“No matter how dark it looks, if we come together, we can make change possible.”