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When you’re feeling tense due to stress or if you find yourself injured in an accident, where do you go to receive treatment? If you have a condition that limits your mobility, how can you ensure you receive proper treatment? If you’re a resident in the Seward neighborhood, you may be able to find help for these issues in Dr. Gary Miller’s office on 2627 E. Franklin Ave. Suite #201.

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Dr. Gary Miller has been in chiropractic care for over 35 years. In his time as a chiropractor, he has practiced in many locations around the state and has expanded his services to include acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and rehabilitation programs. With his degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University and a post-gradate diploma in Chiropractic Orthopedics and occupational Health, Miller not only has the working knowledge of the practices and benefits of chiropractic care, he also has been trained to refer patients to other professionals in order to ensure a patient’s full recovery.

When a patient decides he/she needs chiropractic care, Miller makes sure a patient undergoes an extensive diagnosis before any care is administered. “Diagnosis is very important,” Miller said. “If we’re not able to help them fully, people are always referred to others.” X-rays and MRIs are often a common way to determine whether or not further treatment is needed; Miller said that these referred services are located off site at convenient nearby locations.

For those concerned if they will received coverage from a health care provider, Miller said that most providers cover his clinic; BlueCross BlueShield, Medicare, Medicaid, Medica, Ucare, United Healthcare, and Health Partners are just a few examples of the providers who support Miller. Also, Miller reported that if you are injured on the job or in an accident, he will be happy to take you in.

According to Miller, there are many misconceptions concerning chiropractic care. Miller said that chiropractic care, when done properly, is meant to treat the body as a whole, rather than simply the spinal column. Some additional benefits associated with chiropractic care are treatments for asthma, allergies, stress, and various other disorders of the body.

Miller added that his integrations of the massage studio as well as the acupuncture service are ways to draw in more clients who may be unaware of the multi-layered benefits of chiropractic care. Patients who choose to receive care from Miller are guaranteed to receive a restorative and pre-emptive treatment that can eliminate ailments or prevent future pain. “Chiropractors aren’t just limited to adjusting the spine,” Miller said. “It’s more than just cracking backs.”

In addition to the services he provides to neighbors of Seward, Miller also joined the SCCA and the Seward Co-op in order to be a more active member of the community. Miller also opens his door for all clients as he provides translation and transportation services for those who wouldn’t ordinarily receive adequate care from traditional care providers.

Miller’s clinic contains five separate studios: one dedicated to active stretching and rehabilitation services, two spaces used primarily for massage services, another studio used by Miller for chiropractic care, and the final studio used by Nicholas Zimet, a licensed Acupuncturist for Prime Meridian, Inc.

Zimet, who graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northwestern, has been working in Miller’s office since last July and his mission is to reach out to people who don’t understand the scientifically-proven benefits of acupuncture and oriental medicine.

Like Miller, Zimet reports that there are many stigmas attached to acupuncture; the most wide-spread being that the practice hurts or is uncomfortable. Zimet is quick to dispel these misconceptions and he added that his practice also covers a variety of services including food therapy, lifestyle counseling, and Tui Na (Chinese therapeutic bodywork).

To receive more information about chiropractic care or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gary Miller or Nicholas Zimet, call (612) 870-1500.