A Donald Trump why-ku


TV talk show producers, bloggers and assignment editors are asking themselves today why they continue to pay attention to Donald Trump. His “blockbuster announcement”, promoted for days through various news and entertainment venues, turned out to be an offer to donate 5 million dollars to a charity of President Obama’s choosing if the president releases his academic and passport records.

Ho hum.

I am complicit in this madness. The man needs attention, but I cannot explain why I give it to him. Just days ago I suggested that his cufflinks had been discovered on Mars. I could have assigned those cufflinks to anyone, and I tried. But they were only funny (to me) when they were Trump’s. He is an easy, never-fail punch line.


So many things are not worth the energy it takes to think about them. Meanwhile, serious problems go unaddressed. Important information we really ought to have remains secret, and none of it has to do with the President’s upbringing or personal history.

Where are our priorities? What is wrong with our judgment? The world deserves an explanation for this lunacy, but let’s not take a long time with it. Just as we did with our playing-the-lottery apologies, the 5-7-5 syllabic sequence of the haiku allows more than enough to describe why Trump continues to beguile.

It is not the hair
Or the big time blustering.
It’s only money.

Anyone can be
bizzare for a single day.
Forever is hard.

Too many people
need to know someone else is
more ridiculous

Explain Trump’s allure in a haiku.