Don’t close off nursing transfers


The School of Nursing has plans to move forward with a new admissions policy that could limit access to the program while hurting its diversity.

Under the change, the school will stop accepting transfer students into its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program by fall 2017.

Perhaps the most troubling element is that it was made without consulting the most important stakeholders — the students.

School of Nursing administrators say the move is an attempt to improve graduation rates that has been under discussion for three years.

Of course, any school should take steps to improve its graduation rates. The School of Nursing’s policy, however, seems to only limit access to its BSN program.

Transfer students typically take longer to graduate from schools like the University of Minnesota because of factors other than aptitude. For example, financial barriers to attending the University or simple issues with credit transferal may easily set back transfer students a semester or more.

Just because transfer students can take slightly longer to finish school doesn’t mean they should have less access to a quality education. It seems like the

School of Nursing leaders are more concerned with how the program looks on paper than how it serves a variety of students.

Despite student concerns, it appears the new admissions policy will move along as scheduled.

Administrators should reconsider their decision and hold back on the change until they analyze its implications and consult all stakeholders.

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