Distillery and bakery coming to Minnehaha Avenue in Minneapolis


Two new businesses, Du Nord Craft Spirits and Shega Foods, are moving into a large, sprawling building on E. 32nd Street just off of Minnehaha Avenue.

The building was previously home to Moto Primo and was just purchased by community developers Redesign and Shega Foods’ owner Worku Minday. The building will be renovated to house three tenants.

Bakery & Distillery

Shega Foods is an injera bakery currently located in Seward that primarily sells to East African restaurants and groceries. Minday explained that the new space on Minnehaha will give the bakery room to expand its production and broaden its reach to a mainstream market. He said that the bakery is also moving into the sale of East African spices and the additional space would give the company room to grow this portion of the business.

Du Nord Craft Spirits will be Minneapolis first microdistillery/craft distillery, according to Du Nord owners.

Renovation Plans

In addition to subdividing the building and remodeling the interior, Redesign plans to renovate the exterior of the building, including the landscaping.

The building is located at 2610 E. 32nd St, Minneapolis.