Digging deeper — reporting on Jordan controversy


When we first ran the Insight News story about the Jordan Area Community Council, I wondered about its description of the controversy, since the article quoted only one of the people involved. While we do fact-checking and editing of Daily Planet original articles, we do not re-edit articles from our community media partners. So we published the article, and an explosion of comments from readers immediately confirmed that this was not the whole story:

“… the facts were not well represented and neither was the opinion of the community JACC serves ..”

“… how many of you would be excited to participate in a community organization where the executive director files lawsuits against a board member for asking to see the financial records?…”

“This article is bias. Did the reporter interviewer anybody else other than Moore?”

Agreeing with the reader who commented that “a complicated story such as this has many facets to it,” we decided to dig deeper.

Today’s story by Daily Planet citizen journalist Sheila Regan presents a more complex picture, but not the whole picture of JACC or of the Jordan neighborhood. We don’t duck the tough issues of race and neighborhood conflict. We also don’t know — yet — the full story of the JACC in the neighborhood. And we know that JACC is not the only story in Jordan or in North Minneapolis. We want your help in telling those stories — the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly — as we have done and will continue to do.

Maybe you have a story and want to tell it. We publish stories in our news columns, as opinions, as blogs and also in the Free Speech Zone.

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